SNAPSHOT: Youths yearn to work out

Why are youngsters between the ages of 12 and 17 more prone to practice than people in other age bunches? What happens somewhere around 17 and 18 that causes such a decrease in the quantity of individuals who exercise? At the point when does the second greatest drop happen? What may represent this lessening?

What amount of activity does an adolescent need to persuade every week to be physically fit? What amount of activity is required to get in shape and create muscle tone? Will practicing once every week fulfill both of these objectives? Do you take part in physical action at school?

As a class, rundown what you accept are the most popu-lar reasons individuals your age refer to for not working out. At that point, in sets, add to a short, amusing and inventive reaction to each. Mean to persuade with silliness. Impart your best thought to peers.

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