Home Remedies for Anemia

Having a lack of blood in the body depends mainly on the fact that your daily diet contains nutrients which are what our body is found in two types-the Blood Cells
1. White Blood Cells
2. Red Blood Cells
Red Blood Cells in our body by lack of hemoglobin in our body decreases and we are the problem of anemia, hemoglobin decreased mainly due to a lack of iron in the blood is considered to be a lot in today's times anemia it is common problem and suffer from the disease is seen more commonly in women. Anemia in the patient's body with iron and other elements, such as vitamin B, folic acid, vitamin C and fiber, and also decreases. We have a lot of blood loss occurring in the body household tips and making changes to your eating habits can be very easily at home today So let's measures to overcome the shortage of blood and household tips (Home Remedies For Anemia) will talk about.

Domestic measures to overcome the shortage of blood (Home Remedies For Anemia): -
1. beet shortage of blood to the very prison and is considered beneficial vegetable, beet, which is found in abundance in the Iron Blood Cells That makes the Active anemia patients in their daily diet such as some form of beet juice, vegetable, salad or salad etc. must include.
2. The lack of blood to remove a lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey and mix it with a glass of water a day to drink blood loss gradually goes away.
3. Anemia in Patients dry Fruts your daily diet must include dry fruits because the level of iron in the body is very booming. Fruts dry walnuts and pistachios, is really good for anemia, the body iron is plentiful.
4. The shortage of blood to mix garlic and salt sauce made from hemoglobin deficiency is to eat daily.
5. The problem of anemia is to reduce the intake of tea and coffee, because caffeine is iron deficiency starts.
6. Along with the delicious corn and peanuts in terms of health is very profitable, it is a very beneficial for patients with anemia occur.
7. In order to overcome the problem of anemia daily on an empty stomach to eat an apple and ten palm This problem can be overcome very easily.
8. Every day after dinner, after dinner a little molasses deficiency anemia can be.
9. GENERAL season ripe mango pulp 1 glass with milk increases the blood levels.
10. Increase the level of iron intake of spinach is a very good option, its intake of iron in the body, as well as calcium, vitamins A, B, C, E, fiber, and also the elements are met. Spinach in your daily diet plentiful in different ways, such as soups, salads, vegetables, some stuffed bread, chapati Include.

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