Of radish moong dal Bhujia Recipe

Radishes (Radish) is very beneficial vegetable ingredients which are found in high amounts Pusk Jaydada very profitable in terms of the health of all of us in your diet radish is used as in so many different forms - radish the parathas, radish pickles, radishes and lettuce and vegetable. Of radish dry with moong dal Today we will share recipes Bhujiya the radish leaves, which are also used are also very nutritious as well as tasty. Especially full of moong dal and parathas with radish Bhujiya looks very tasty and the vegetables dal or vegetable curry with a side dish can be served as if we radish Come today Bhujiya of moong dal (Mooli Mungdal Ki Bhujiya) Bnaiengen.

Moong dal radish Bhujia

Required materials (Ingredients For Mooli Mungdal Ki Bhujiya Recipe) -
Radishes (Radish) - 4-5 (Peel and cut into small pieces)
Radish leaves (Radish Leaves) - Pound (finely chop)
Moong dal (Mungdal) - ¼ cup (washed in water for 1 hour to give Bhingo)
Green pepper (Green Chiily) - 2-3 (finely chop)
Garlic (Garlic Cloves) - 7-8 bud (finely chop)
Zira (Cumin Seeds) - ½ teaspoon
Hing (Asafoetida) - 2 Pinch
Mustard oil (Mustard Oil) - 3-4 tsp
Salt (Salt) - to taste

Method (How To Make Mooli Mungdal Ki Bhujiya) -
To make the first cut of moong dal Bhujiya radish radish stem and leaves a Drain thoroughly washed with water. Now washed radishes and radish leaves and put in a pressure cooker whistle Boil 1-2. When the pressure cooker radish and radish leaves after they become lost once again let out the water with a sieve. Radish leaves and goes out when the water gets cold radish and radish and radish leaves boiled down well with both hands squeezing water out and keep it in a plate. Now we Bnaiengen Bhujiya first pour oil in a pan on the gas to keep warm, then hot oil when the oil becomes hot, add the asafoetida and cumin make choppy, chopped green chillies and garlic, add pieces of ladle stir-fry the garlic and roast it then be held before Bhingoyi moong dal fry for 2 minutes, pour the water out of it, make the pulses after they become slightly fried radish and radish leaves, it was extracted and put in the pan stir well to mix and scoop up the salt and mix Bhujiya 7-8 minutes on low heat cook. Turn off the gas and the serving bowl radish out piping hot parathas Bhujiya of moong dal and serve with whole, delicious radish Bhujiya of moong dal (Mooli Mungdal Ki Bhujiya) has been completed.

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