Peanut Fried Rice Recipe

Peanut Fried Rice (Peanut Fried Rice) is a very delicious Indian dish that you can prepare very easily in a short time by which the food is also very tasty as well as the dish to create Healthy Rice , Peanut green vegetable with the highest amount of use is, peanut Fried Rice and the children can prepare for Tiffin dish especially children very much like it is coming come today we peanut delicious fried rice dish (peanut Fried Rice) Bnaiengen.

Required materials (Ingredients For Peanut Fried Rice Recipe) -
Basmati Rice (Basmati Rice) - ½ cup
Peanuts (Peanut) - ¼ cup (cold and make fried)
Beans (Green Beans) - 10-12 pods (cut into small pieces)
Capsicum (Green Capsicum) - 1 (seeds removed and cut into small pieces)
Carrots (Carrot) - 1 (cut into thin pieces)
Onion (Onion) - 1 (in long and cut into pieces)
Green pepper (Green Chilly) - 2 (finely chop)
Chilli Powder (Red Chilly Powder) - ½ teaspoon
Salt (Salt) - to taste
Oil (Oil) - 3-4 tsp

Method (How To Make Peanut Fried Rice) -
First to make peanut Fried Rice Basmati rice in water for about 10 minutes for clearing Clean Bhingo let the now wet rice with 3 cups of water and put in a pressure cooker about to close on the gas and keep Dkkn 1-2 turn off the gas after the whistle. Will be well when they become cold rice in a pan, pour oil on the gas to keep warm, the oil well after they become heated in hot oil, add chopped green peppers and chopped onions are run ladle fry until brown, add chopped onions, beans after roasting, add chopped carrots and bell peppers, fry for 3-4 minutes drive from the ladle, then it will be fried, Peanut, red chili powder and ladle salt mix well, be sure to fry for about 2 minutes. Now the spices already made and thoroughly cooled Mix the rice with the rice seasoning mix well Fry will take some time to run ladle, turn off the gas, gourmet peanut Fried Rice (peanut Fried Rice) has been completed, remove the piping hot peanut Fried Rice serving bowl veg manchurian gravy or any of your choice, raita, pickles, papad and serve with sauce.

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