Pumpkin pudding recipe

Gourd pudding (Lauki Ka Halwa) is a very famous North Indian (North Indian) any festival or special occasion dessert that you can prepare is by drawing on. Many families in the days of fasting in the pudding is made of gourd pudding is very tasty and nutritious, which is very easily be made at home in less Come today we have this at home delicious sweet pudding dish gourd (Lauki Ka halwa) Bnaiengen.

Required materials (Ingredients For Lauki Ka Halwa Recipe) -
Gourd (Lauki) - 1 kg (Make grated peel)
Lost (Mawa) - 250 gm
Sugar (Sugar) - ½ cup
Ghee (Pure ghee) - 4 -5 spoons
Cardamom powder (Cardamom Powder) - 1 tsp
Almond (Almond) - 6-7 (finely chopped)
Pistachios (Pistachios) - 4-5 (finely chopped)
Raisins (Raisins) - 9-10
Cashews (Kaju) - 10-12 (finely chop)
Gurry (Dry coconut) - 1 tsp (were grated)

Method (How To Make Lauki Ka Halwa Recipe) -
The first one to make pudding gourd 4-5 tablespoons ghee in a pan on the gas to keep warm, so this resulted in a pan of grated gourd cover the pan on low flame and in a short while the spoon gourd at the bottom of the pan, stir the gourd from themselves. When the gourd to gourd soft then mix with sugar and cook on low flame. Gourd gourd mixed with sugar release large amounts of water seems to be the grated gourd gourd with sugar and cook until the water should be completely dried up. Turn off the gas and the gas cooled slightly after removing from the pan, the Mawa, raisins, cashews, almonds, pistachios were grated coconut and mix well, add running to scoop, now cardamom powder from the top of the pudding add the mix. Delicious pumpkin pudding (Lauki Ka Halwa) has been completed, the serving bowl piping hot pumpkin pudding was out of grated coconut and chopped up and serve garnished with dry fruits.

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